Spumoni Canyon in Yosemite

If you’re looking for Spumoni Canyon in Yosemite you won’t find it on any map.  It’s my secret spot located a couple of miles from the trailhead for Ten Lakes off of Tioga Road.  Hiking north on the trail you find yourself in the drainage for upper Yosemite Creek.

The trail meanders through a tragically burned forest that was hit by a wildfire a couple of years ago.  After about ¾ of a mile the fire scars end and the path winds gently upward.  Emerging from the trees you continue north on rocky slopes.  Views of the mountains to the east appear as you make your way higher and higher into the wilderness.

I won’t reveal the exact location of Spumoni Canyon in Yosemite because I want to keep this special place a secret from the general public.  I’ve been there 4 times and have never seen any evidence that other humans have ever been in this tiny little canyon.  No footprints except for a few deer tracks.  No litter, trash Native American artifacts or debris from old mining camps.  Just a pristine little canyon with tiny waterfalls, cascades, wildflowers, small cliffs and some nice views of the surrounding mountains.

My friend John and I discovered Spumoni Canyon in Yosemite quite by accident.  We had just finished a 4 day trip on the North Rim of Yosemite Valley and started hiking to 10 Lakes.  John was not feeling well, so we looked around for a campsite.  The next morning we started hiking north on the trail to 10 Lakes but were stymied at a creek crossing by raging spring waters and unstable snow bridges.

After deciding it was not prudent to cross any of the snow bridges we backtracked and started following a tributary of Yosemite Creek.  Much to our surprise this small, non-descript creek took us to a sweet little canyon that I named after Spumoni.  (He had passed away just a few weeks earlier in May 2006).

Spumoni Canyon is a very peaceful place where I can commune with the Spirit of Spumoni while immersed in a beautiful natural setting.  The only sounds you can hear are the wind, chirping birds and the creek as it tumbles down the mountainside.  The water is fleeting as the snow melt feeding Spumoni Creek tends to dry up quickly in the late spring.  So, it was quite a special experience to be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of Spumoni Canyon in Yosemite during this trip in early June 2024.

Spumoni Canyon in Yosemite June 2026