This resident of Wilmington, NC was in line to be Spumoni’s pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services in the 2016 election.  But alas, Spumoni didn’t garner enough votes and the rest is history.

Here is Brody’s story in his own words:

“When I was just seven weeks old, I was found hiding with my three siblings behind an automotive garage in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. One of the mechanics discovered us and took us to a vet for treatment. A local shelter then placed us with a foster family until we were healthy enough to be adopted.

While I was sad to leave my siblings, at ten weeks old, I was adopted by Wendy and Brian. They were so happy to bring me home. They loved me straight away and were always talking to me, petting me and taking such good care of me. They gave me a huge basket of toys and we all enjoyed playing together.  All that growing and playing tired me out and since they have the most comfortable laps, I enjoyed napping on them with great regularity. 

When I was three years old, we all moved to coastal North Carolina. My new home has a screened porch and I’ve got a raised bed out there, where I enjoy lounging around, watching the hummingbirds at the feeder and attempting to capture the occasional anole (gecko) lizard that manages to squeeze under the patio door. I don’t eat them, I just like playing with them.

I’m ten years old now and frankly, life couldn’t be any sweeter. My favorite place to be is wherever they are. I love my mom and dad so much and I know the feeling is mutual. I’m always at the door to greet them when they come home. I sit on command, heck, I even “sit up” when enticing them to share their snacks. I’m very laid back and extremely friendly. I always check out any visitors and if there’s a party, I love being in the thick of it. Guests seem surprised that I’m such a social animal, but for me, it just comes naturally.

Mom and Dad love brushing me and every month or so, they trim my nails. I love all the attention. In fact, I live for belly rubs. Just the thought of one gets my motor humming. In fact, you can hear me purring from across the room. If they walk toward me, I roll onto my back and they can’t resist stopping to indulge me (Shhhh….I’ve got them so well trained!). 

I know they’ve had other cats (before my time) but this I know for certain. I’ll be their last. I have spoiled them rotten and I’ve overheard them saying there could “never be another who could compare to Brody.” Yes, it’s safe to say, I’ve ruined them for any future felines. 

It sounds to me like Spumoni had a wonderful life with Don, like the one I’m having with Wendy and Brian. That kind of love only comes along once in a lifetime. And, when you love each other that much, once is enough.”

Brody with an inquisitive look