The Spirit of Spumoni in Vietnam

This week finds the Spirit of Spumoni in Vietnam with me in the mountain town of Dalat.  It’s much nicer than where the trip started in Mui Ne.  I was hoping that the first beach stop in South Vietnam would be something really special, but it wasn’t.

Sadly, a large percentage of the resorts are closed, abandoned or in the process of demolition.  Many of the highly rated bars and restaurants are permanently closed.  Waking up to the smell of smoke each morning was rather unpleasant.  It seems the Southeast Asian practice of agricultural burning is alive and well in the 21st century.

The taxi ride to Dalat was bumpy and windy with panoramic views that would’ve been spectacular if not for all the smoke.  Vietnamese drivers habitually honk their horns in a cacophony of annoying sounds but at least they are a warning when passing or merging.  You don’t want to be wearing ear plugs here or you could wind up dead…

Upon arriving in Dalat I was greeted with an overwhelming sense that even the Spirit of Spumoni in Vietnam (which has saved my life previously in other parts of the world) would not save me from the reckless bikers and motorists.  People routinely drive on the wrong side of the road and pedestrian right of way is thoroughly ignored.  Even a green walk signal won’t protect you in the crosswalk.  Just keep your head on a swivel and stay light on your feet.

The highlight of the trip so far was the Crazy House in Dalat.  It puts to shame anything Gaudi designed or built in Barcelona.  Wacky meets whimsical and beautiful in this artistic architectural masterpiece.  The Spirit if Spumoni in Vietnam got me through my acrophobia as I toured the narrow stairs and walkways that soared above the ground.  Fascinating does not begin to describe the Crazy House experience.

I’m hoping that the coast line from Nha Trang going north will be more impressive than the trash strewn beaches of Mui Ne and environs to the south.  Respect for the environment is sadly lacking in this part of the world…

Spumoni’s personality and life style would not adapt well to the heat and humidity of Vietnam.

Mui Ne White Sand Dunes

Ke Ga Lighthouse and View

Sleeping Buddha on Ta Cu Mountain (made of concrete and painted white, not marble)

Crazy House – The Spirit of Spumoni in Vietnam guided me thru this complex residence