Spumoni The Cat

This is Spumoni’s world, where 14 years of love and memories abound.  A place where goodness, playfulness and happiness reside within all of us.  Spumoni’s life was filled with giving love to others and this web site is dedicated to his everlasting memory.

Before you learn more about Spumoni it’s important to pay tribute to him for saving my life on the night of December 6, 2004.  That was the day a block of ice about the size of 3 bricks fell off the roof of a house I was showing to clients and split my scalp open.  Dr. Higgins at the Incline Village ER put me back together and told me to make sure there was someone to take care of me for the next several days.

With my then wife being away at UC Davis, that made Spumoni my only caregiver.  Well, on that 1st night of the head injury, I awoke gasping for breath to find Spumoni jumping up and down on my chest and slapping me in the face with his paw.  This same event happened twice that night.  Both times I was certain that I had stopped breathing and would have died if not for Spumoni’s quick thinking.

That’s not the only time he saved my life, but we’ll save those stories for future blog entries.  What’s most important is that Spumoni saved my life that night and every day after that fateful event I owe to his love, quick thinking and decisive action. 

Spumoni was such a wonderful and special creature, liked by all who met him.  He was very social and not the least bit aloof like many cats can be.  Most everyone thought he was a person trapped in the body of a cat.  Spumoni expressed a range of emotions, most notably love and affection through his desire to snuggle and be around people.

As you visit the pages on this web site please keep Spumoni’s message of love, kindness and inspiration in your heart.  He inspired me to create Spumoni Circle (aka the Incline Village Roundabout) which is the gateway to the Nevada side of North Lake Tahoe.  After reading about Spumoni and his friends who knows what you might be inspired to do…