A Song For Spumoni

I just wrote a new song for Spumoni in honor of his saving my life on December 6, 2004.  It’s a short verse that will always have a lot of meaning for me and everyone who ever met Spumoni.  His quick thinking that night to jump up and down on my chest and slap my face with his paw when I stopped breathing saved my life.

Regular followers of this blog know the full story about how I suffered a serious head injury while showing property to a new client.  I won’t repeat all the details here for the sake of brevity.  So, without further adieu here are the lyrics:

Spumoni saved my life, this we know is true
If it weren’t for Spumoni, I wouldn’t be here with you

While this song is just one short verse it sums up the reason I’m still alive and kicking. 

At the moment I’m preparing to depart on a 2+ month trip to Asia.  The destinations this time are Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Thailand.  Every stop along the way is a new place that I’ve never seen before, except for the airport in Bangkok.

The general plan is to follow Spring starting at Phan Thiet and then heading north to catch the cherry blossoms in Japan.  After that it’s off to Korea for 5 days in Seoul and then 2 weeks on Jeju Island.

I will keep this song for Spumoni in my head as I visit these new places.  It’s a reminder that without his life saving actions that fateful night I would not be here to enjoy traveling all over the planet.

Over the years I have written many poems, songs and parodies.  While they cover a wide range of topics and emotions, the song for Spumoni will also evoke good memories of my special companion.

Please Remember to Sing A Song for Spumoni on the Anniversary of His Passing on May 10th