The Spirit of Spumoni During The Holiday Season of 2020

As we progress deeper into the holiday season it’s a time when we remember our family, friends and especially our loved ones that have departed. The Spirit of Spumoni is with me every day along with thoughts of his playful, loving and affectionate nature.

No matter how many years go by, the pain of his departure at the age of 14 in May 2006 never seems to be diminished. During these dark times of the coronavirus pandemic his spirit is a shining light that radiates from the heavens above.

There were many years where it was just the two of us living together in Alameda and Lake Tahoe. His constant companionship and love were able to get me through some difficult periods in my life.

This holiday season most of us will not be able to gather with our loved ones as the pandemic rages on for what is likely at least another year. While there is hope that a vaccine will be available to everyone in 2021 it’s likely going to take longer than we anticipate.

Please take time to say a prayer for Spumoni and rejoice in the love and happiness that he brought to all whose lives he touched. Like the eternal flame his memory lives on forever in the hearts and minds of everyone who met him.

I will always remember the adventures of Spumoni and his joyous way of living every day to the fullest. Whether he was romping around the house, snuggling with Tiger or just laying a sunny window he exuded warmth to all around him.

The Spirit of Spumoni lives on in all of us who share his message of kindness, love and inspiration. Which is something we could all use as we close the chapter of 2020. Maybe the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21 will be a guiding light that brings all of us closer together.

Spumoni Enjoying the Warmth of the Sun at Lake Tahoe
Spumoni Enjoying the Warmth of the Sun at Lake Tahoe