Spumoni and UC Davis

Spumoni and UC Davis will always have a special place in our world.  While Spumoni spent his life in Alameda and Incline Village we are spiritually connected to the town of Davis for many reasons.

I lived there on and off for a total of 5 years between March 1979 and June 1985.  It was the golden age for Davis California. The downtown area was still small and charming. There was virtually no crime. It had a small town atmosphere but still plenty of entertainment and activities.  Strangers said hello in passing on the street and there was a warm feeling that permeated the entire community.

The University was the cultural center not just for Davis but the entire Sacramento area. World-famous musical groups along with up-and-coming acts played at the Coffee House, Freeborn Hall and the Rec Center. There were numerous art installations at buildings all over the campus. Picnic Day and the Whole Earth Festival were (and still are) springtime events that drew tens of thousands of people.

UC Davis is a very strong academic institution. Among the highlights is the School of Feline Veterinary Medicine. This is a world renowned medical school for vet med. Hundreds of students every year learn about the best practices for treating cats and other animals.

How can UC Davis get the attention it deserves for mental health awareness?  - The Aggie
UC Davis

I don’t have any children and Spumoni was like a son to me. So, I am planning to leave a significant portion of my estate to the School of Feline Veterinary Medicine. Recently, I’ve had discussions with members of the UC Davis community involved with charitable donations.

We have talked about a number of ideas to preserve the memory of Spumoni in a way that will benefit both the students and the University. Spumoni was the most loving and affectionate creature I have known in all my life. There is no better way to honor his memory than to set up a permanent endowment that will benefit countless cats and students forever.

In a little less than 2 months we will arrive at the 15th anniversary of Spumoni’s departure from his mortal life.  May 10th is International Spumoni Day. I encourage everyone who has a pet to take the day off and honor the life of their special companion.  Once the charitable trust is established, Spumoni and UC Davis will be inextricably linked in a way that will benefit students, cats and the UCD community.

Spumoni and Tiger