Summer Solstice and Spooner Moon

A very rare event occurred this week.  The Summer Solstice and Spooner Moon occurred together on the night of June 20th.  The Spooner Moon is the phase of the moon each month that’s identical to when Spumoni passed away.  It’s a lunar metaphor that reminds us of his eternal spirit.

The Spooner Moon occurs during the waxing gibbous phase mid-way between the half moon and the full moon.  The face of the Man in the Moon is being revealed, but can’t be seen fully.  Some would call it a ¾ moon.  So to have it occur at the same time as the annual Summer Solstice is a rare event indeed.  It’s unlikely we will see this again in my lifetime, so it was a very special moment.

This website is dedicated to Spumoni’s memory.  So, it’s only natural to take some time and reflect on the spiritual connection that I have with Spumoni.  The Spooner Moon reminds me of his love and affection and how it’s never ending.  Each year when we have the Spooner Moon in May it’s a reminder of his passing. 

The celestial bodies in the sky remind us of how great the universe is.  We are just small specks in the universe when compared with the planets, stars and galaxies.  Yet each of us has a profound impact on our friends, family and the people we meet in our lives.

Spumoni had a positive impact on everyone he met.  His friendly nature and love of people made him very special.  He provided wonderful memories to all he encountered.  Playful, lively, engaging and affectionate.  Spumoni shared his positive energy with people from all over the world who came to visit me in Alameda and Lake Tahoe.

The Summer Solstice and Spooner Moon coinciding have made this a special time to remember Spumoni.

Summer Solstice and Spooner Moon - Photo of Spumoni May 2006
Spumoni – Last photo ever taken early May 2006