Spumoni in the Spring

When I think about Spumoni in the spring it reminds me of his favorite time of year. He enjoyed the days getting longer and the sun rising higher in the sky.  He liked to move from window to window following the sun around during the day. Everyone knows that cats like to stay warm and what better way than having the rays of the sun shining on your fur.

Spumoni became more active in the springtime after his partial hibernation during winter. Most of the time in winter he would just hang out on the waterbed. He liked to spend time snuggling with Tiger. Sometimes he would crawl under the blanket and only his head would be poking out. But the warmer temperatures of spring would get him off the waterbed and bounding around the house.

When we were living at Lake Tahoe, this cute little blue Jay would arrive on our deck every morning. Spumoni would run to the window and he and the blue Jay would have this telepathic conversation each day. After several minutes, the blue Jay would nod to Spumoni and then fly off only to return the next day. It’s impossible to know what these 2 beautiful creatures were thinking. But Spumoni never showed any aggression towards the blue Jay. This was truly a beautiful friendship of 2 of God’s creatures.

Spumoni was pretty much an indoor cat. But when we lived in Alameda, he would sometimes dash out the door on a warm spring day. He never made it very far probably because the sounds of the traffic were a bit frightening. Occasionally I would find him hiding under a bush or crawling around the lawn. He never ran away which is fortunate because I’m not sure how well he would’ve survived on the streets in Alameda.

Thinking about Spumoni in the spring brings back lots of wonderful memories. But there is always a tinge of sadness these days living with only the memories and not his physical presence. I miss Spumoni in the Spring and say a prayer each day to honor his memory. 

Spumoni in the Spring Relaxing by the Window at Lake Tahoe
Spumoni in the Spring Relaxing by the Window at Lake Tahoe