Spumoni In Park City

In the winter of 2022 you will find the spirit of Spumoni in Park City, Utah. He was not a big fan of cold weather. But he did like mountain scenery. While living in Lake Tahoe he spent a lot of time enjoying the beautiful view from our house in Incline Village.

While wandering through the ski village it occurred to me this would be a great place to create a permanent memorial for him. There is a lack of benches for public seating at the base of the ski resort. So, I’m considering donating some durable metal benches with plaques honoring his memory.

The amount of development that has taken place here over the past 3 decades is staggering. While the Winter Olympics put Park City on the map, the place has grown enormously. There are still massive condo developments under construction. The prices are outrageous. But that’s the nature of real estate in resort areas in America.

What’s more unbelievable are the sprawling shopping centers. Normally, a resort community will have 1 or 2 shopping centers along with dozens of small local businesses. But I counted 5 major commercial developments just along Highway 224.

Along with the obligatory Walmart you have a gigantic Whole Foods in close proximity. Across the street is an enormous Smith’s supermarket. In that same development are literally dozens of other commercial businesses. No need to eat at McDonald’s or Taco Bell when you’ve got Five Guys right across the street.

The only part of Spumoni in Park city are his ashes which travel with me on these extended journeys. Tiger enjoys her rightful place on the bed. So, I’ve got a little bit of home wherever I go.

Looking up at the mountains I can only imagine that being able to spend time with Spumoni in Park city would have been a wonderful thing. But all I can do is enjoy the memories of 14 special years together.

Spumoni in Park City with Tiger
Spumoni in Park City with Tiger