Spumoni in New England

It’s one of life’s shortcomings that I was never able to be with Spumoni in New England. His entire life was spent in California and Nevada. But the way he loved nature he would have been right at home in New England in autumn. The colorful trees and pleasant sunny weather are just his style.

My latest trip brought me to Niagara Falls as the starting point. It was a beautiful day on October 5, 2023 and unseasonably warm. There were very few visitors which made it easy to enjoy all of the sites. No waiting in line for the viewpoints at Goat Island or the elevator down to Cave of the Winds. Beautiful views and sparse crowds awaited me at the Observation Tower and Maid of the Mist. It was even a quick walk across the Rainbow Bridge from the United States to Canada.

The drive across upstate New York was uneventful. The trees were just starting to change color. But only a couple of days later when I entered Vermont and New Hampshire the mountainsides were bursting with beautiful colors everywhere.  Just for a moment imagine Spumoni in New England taking in the scenery and the wondrous look on his face.  This gorgeous display by mother nature lasts for only a short time each year.

After spending a few days near Lake Winnipesaukee it was time to drive down to the Boston area. My cousins live about 30 miles west of the city. Fortunately, the close proximity of their house to the commuter train station makes it easy to venture into Boston.

While walking past the library at my alma mater, Boston University, I got an inspiration.  It occurred to me that tens of thousands of students go in and out of this library every year.  There isn’t a single sculpture or piece of art work to greet them.  What better place to install the next statue of Spumoni? 

The spirit of Spumoni in New England is alive and well.  Now it’s time to work on the plans to memorialize and honor his memory so that generations of students at Boston University can remember his legacy.

Spumoni in New England - Watch Hill Rhode Island
Spumoni in New England – Watch Hill Beach Rhode Island