Spumoni in Asia

There is no chance that you would ever find Spumoni in Asia. Especially Southeast Asia. He liked a pleasant temperate climate not heat and humidity. He also liked people who are nice, kind and honest. Those type of people are very hard to find when traveling in Asia.

My latest experience going to Thailand, Laos and Bali has me convinced that I can skip that part of the world until I see everything else on my bucket list. This was my 4th trip to Thailand and I have no desire to go back. The infrastructure is crumbling. The air pollution is awful. Drivers have no respect for pedestrians. The locals have a two-tiered price system for everything. Local Thai people pay the fair market price and foreigners will find themselves paying double or triple unless they are willing to negotiate firmly.

There were many times that I tried to buy fruit and vegetables where the vendor told me the actual price was different from the price on the sign. I had no problem just walking away while giving them the finger. It’s basically a dishonest society. The native Thai people only care about getting as much money as possible from foreigners. If you are not a family member, they truly do not care about you and have no compassion for you on any level.

When looking for ice cream, I could not find Spumoni in Asia. Vanilla, chocolate, chocolate chip even fruit flavors were everywhere. The society is so addicted to sugar that approximately 10% of the population has type II diabetes. They put sugar on everything. Even if you ask for tea that is not sweet it will still be loaded with cream and sugar.  If you want good ice cream click this link.

There is also nothing really that special about the scenery. One of the reasons you would not find Spumoni in Asia is because he liked really spectacular mountain views. All you’re going to find in that part of the world are some rolling hills with tropical vegetation.

One highlight of the trip was going to Luang Prabang in Laos. I would not call it a charming city but it’s far nicer than Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai in Thailand. For the most part the people were reasonably friendly although they still have the two-tiered price system for everything. The scenery was much nicer than Thailand. They still burn off the agricultural slash which puts smoke in the air on a daily basis. And the Mekong River is disgustingly dirty.

Spumoni in Asia Mekong River Cruise
Spumoni in Asia – Mekong River Cruise