Skiing With a Cat

I have often wondered what it would be like to go skiing with a cat especially if that cat were Spumoni. He loved to zoom around and was quite an athlete. He had quick reflexes, could jump really high, great balance, and an amazing sense of anticipation.

There were times I thought of taking him to the ski slopes with me but I could never figure out how to keep him safe in the event I were to fall. It also might have been terrifying for him to be strapped to my chest or wrapped around my shoulders whizzing down the mountain. Of course, I would have to dial back the speed a little bit.

Another issue with skiing with a cat is that you would have to put goggles on them. You can’t just let their eyes be exposed to the cold and the wind. But imagine trying to wrestle a pair of goggles onto your cat.  I think that Spumoni would have looked very cute in a little helmet and goggles. But I’m not sure he would’ve felt very comfortable.

However, I did find this incredible video of a guy who skis with his cat on his shoulder. This cute little cat wears goggles and a little outfit to keep him warm.
Click Here to See the YouTube Video

I guess if Spumoni grew up in the snow he might have been a little more accustomed to the cold. But he lived the first 12 years of his life in Alameda which has one of the most temperate climates in the world. Alameda was rarely too hot, never too cold and Spumoni always had the 92° waterbed on which to snuggle with Tiger.

Maybe someday I will go skiing with a cat. But it will have to be someone else’s cat who is a very experienced aficionado with time on the slopes. With all of my international travels I don’t see myself getting another can. Besides, Spumoni can never be replaced or succeeded.

Skiing With a Cat – This is how I imagine Spumoni would be on my shoulders coming down the slopes