Spumoni and Wilson

The highlight of our latest blog is Spumoni and Wilson, the latter being the newest friend on Spumoni’s website.

Born in Berkeley, Ca., USA, over 13 years ago Wilson has lived a very happy life in the serene garden of his home in North Berkeley.

In March, 2022, Wilson relocated with Michael and his wife Jeab to their house in Pathumthani, Thailand.  In 1 of the photos below you can see Jeab is walking with Wilson to help him acclimate to all the new smells, sounds and warmer weather.

It’s quite a transition moving from the more temperate climate of the Bay Area to the tropical climate of Thailand. But, Wilson seems to have adapted to his new surroundings and in another photo you’ll see him relaxing comfortably.  So, while the flight halfway around the world was quite an adventure he seems very happy in his new home

Spumoni and Wilson never got a chance to meet in person. But they have a spiritual connection through their guardians who have known each other for over 60 years. 

Wilson on his Magic Carpet

Wilson on a walk exploring his new surroundings