Spumoni in September

When I think about Spumoni in September it brings back fond memories. He was such a loving and playful creature! This was one of his favorite months of the year. Not too hot, not too cold, just perfect for following the sun from window to window.

We are close to the Spooner Moon which occurs one time during every lunar cycle. It is the phase of the moon exactly halfway between the half-moon and the full moon. Astronomers like to refer to this week when the moon is larger than a half-moon but not yet a full moon as the waxing gibbous phase. What makes the Spooner Moon so special is because that’s the phase of the moon when Spumoni passed away.

What would Spumoni think about the world we are currently living in? He never saw anybody wear a mask. People always gathered close together and exchanged hugs and kisses upon greeting and departing. Would he have adopted social distancing and spent less time snuggling? Or would he have become more affectionate?

The days are getting noticeably shorter as we approach the autumnal equinox. Each year as I looked at Spumoni in September I could see him starting to grow his winter coat.  His fur became noticeably thicker and he was shedding a lot less than during the warm summer months. He would start to spend more time on the waterbed where it was always warm and comfortable.

Even though he passed away over 15 years ago it’s still hard to be without Spumoni in September. I miss him just as much today as the day he passed away. My next project is working with UC Davis to do something permanent in honor of Spumoni’s memory. There are a number of different ideas that are being considered. In the near future I hope to have some certainty as to the best ways to make a lasting contribution to UC Davis in memory of Spumoni.