Spumoni at UC Davis

You might be wondering how can Spumoni be at UC Davis? While he never attended classes there, I lived in Davis on and off between March 1979 and April 1986. One of my roommates during that stretch was studying feline veterinary medicine. I learned that UC Davis is arguably the best feline vet med school in the country, if not the entire world.

So, what better place to honor the memory of Spumoni!  Since I have no direct descendants, I plan to leave my estate to one or more charitable causes. The 1st thought that occurred to me was to establish a scholarship fund in memory of Spumoni.

I contemplated numerous charitable giving opportunities all over the country.  It occurred to me that providing assistance to feline vet med students at UC Davis would be a worthy goal. By creating an endowment fund, Spumoni can be memorialized in the most positive way.

The proceeds from my estate can be used to provide scholarships in perpetuity. The University has staff that specialize in establishing charitable trusts. By working closely with them I can structure scholarships and other benefits for the feline vet med program.  This will keep alive the memory of Spumoni at UC Davis and around the world.

The average student in the vet med program graduates with approximately $96,000 in student debt. Veterinarians do not make nearly as much money as physicians. But they work just as hard while demonstrating care and compassion for their patients.

Establishing a scholarship fund in the name of Spumoni at UC Davis will help thousands of students over the coming years. Each graduate will treat thousands of animals during the course of their career. This means that millions of cats and other pets will benefit from the Spumoni scholarship fund. I can’t think of a better way to preserve his legacy than to help other beautiful little creatures like him!

In early 2022 I am planning a very special tribute to Spumoni at UC Davis. Check back in the late winter or early spring for details.

Spumoni at UC Davis – Snuggled in Blanket