Spumoni and Santana

You’re probably wondering what do Spumoni and Santana have in common.  Well, if you’ve ever met Carlos Santana you would know that he’s one of the kindest, most caring people on earth.  With music spanning almost 3 generations, he’s connected with people from a variety of cultures all over the world.

His message of love, kindness and blessings is one that we can all take to heart during the holiday season.  And it just so happens that on November 10th I was at the Santana concert at the House of Blues in Las Vegas.  Of course, I was wearing my Spumoni T-shirt.  So, Spumoni and Santana as a combination is not so far fetched as one might think.

The House of Blues is a great place to see a show in Las Vegas. It’s located near the foot of the escalators that take you from the Mandalay Bay to the Luxor. There is general admission standing room right in front of the stage. Around the perimeter on the lower level you will find both cocktail size tables and dinner tables. Upstairs there is seating that provides you with a birds eye view of stage.

The showroom has excellent sound quality and very good sightlines. The 7 performers on stage included 3 percussionists, keyboard player, rhythm guitar, bass guitar and Carlos playing lead guitar. The band played old favorites such as Black Magic Woman and She’s Not There. They also included 3 new songs from the latest album.  She’s Fire was the most enjoyable of the new numbers.

This is the smallest venue where I have seen Santana perform. Even though he is getting up in years his shows are still fantastic! All the members of the band bring great energy to the performance.

Spumoni and Santana is a great combination.  The good energy and positive vibes will stay with me long after the show has ended.

Spumoni and Santana at The House of Blues Las Vegas