Spumoni at Christmas

Spumoni at Christmas

It’s rather difficult to be without Spumoni at Christmas. Each year since his passing the holidays are not quite as bright as they would be if he were around. Spumoni was such a joyful and playful creature. He would light up the room with his energy and sweet personality.

When I think about Spumoni at Christmas it brings back all kinds of memories. Like the time we had a Christmas tree and he wanted to jump on it to get a closer look at the ornaments. You can imagine the result when the tree toppled over…

Or the time I invited some friends over for Christmas dinner while living in Alameda. Spumoni could tell guests would be arriving as I got the house ready. So, he decided to perch himself on top of the bedroom door that was very close to the front door. When the 1st guest arrived (Karen), he pounced and landed on top of her head. To say she was startled is an understatement.

And then there was the power outage when we were living at Lake Tahoe. Fortunately, I had a waterbed which was kept it 92°F.  It was one of Spumoni’s favorite places to relax and it became his habitat for the entire 2 days that the power was out. 

When friends would come over to visit Spumoni at Christmas, they somehow became engaged with his wrapping paper antics. If someone was opening a gift Spumoni would try to help them with his ever-sharp claws. If you scrunched up a piece of wrapping paper and rolled it across the floor, Spumoni would have fun chasing it and batting it around. It may have had something to do with the colors and the sound. Or maybe it was just his general high-energy lifestyle and playfulness.

The holidays will never be the same without him. But the memories of Spumoni at Christmas will live on forever.

Spumoni at Christmas on the Waterbed at Lake Tahoe